QWhat are the panels made of?

QWhat are the mouldings made of?

QIs the system fire rated?

QThese are system soundproof?

QCan I add insulation?

QIs the system waterproof?

QCan I install in a bathroom?

QCan I add lighting?

QWhat kind of lights do you recommend?

QCan I install this myself?

QWhat if my JOIST are not level?

QHow do I request a sample?

QHow do I deal with bulkheads?

QHow do I calculate how much I need?

QCan I PAINT the mouldings or panels?

QWhat if I run out of clips?

QHow do I cut the panels?

QHow do I cut the mouldings?

QAre the screws included in the package?

QWhat kind of screws do I need?

QAre the perimeter mouldings (J-mould) included in the package?

QIs the installation tool included in the package?

QHow can I store the product if I am not going to install right away?

QMy panels do not sit flat. What can I do?

QCan I install in a garage?

QCan I install outdoors?

QMy rails are warped. What can I do?

QI have some damage parts. What can I do?

QI am not sure how to install. Can you help?

QWhat is the size of the panels?

QIs there space for small wires and pipes?

QHome much space do I lose?

QDo you have any dark colors?

QI have sloped (vaulted) ceilings, can I install Snapclip?

QMy walls or room is not quite square. Will your system work?