“Awesome Ceiling. Easy to put together., nice look. Received my product in timely fashion. Product was very easy to put together. Looks great. I am very pleased with the end results. Had looked elsewhere for something similar and would have cost me alot more.”
“Beautiful ceiling! Nicest drop ceiling i've ever seen!, only takes about an inch of head room. This product is amazing! It goes up easily and fairly quickly. I finished my den in the basement which is 380 s.f. and everyone comments on the ceiling. The J bars around the parameter provide a finished look - no need for crown moulding. I would have given this product 5 stars; however, the small package that I needed in addition to the 6 large sets I ordered earlier arrived with all of the tile corners bent on one side. I did notice that unlike my first order, the single box of tiles wasn't bound with extra cardboard. I used the slightly damaged tiles for special cuts so there was no need for replacements. I will be buying this product again when the time comes to finish the rest of my basement :-)”
“Great for low ceiling. Easy to install. I have a 7 foot ceiling and could not afford loosing any headroom. This product was perfect. Easy to install in a square room, in my situation there are many indents and workarounds, everything went well. Called company and they were very helpful. They did not recommend installing LED pot lights (Costco 4") directly into the tiles, but I did and there are no issues because they are so light.”
“Looks good, easy install!! Good customer service, quick delivery, easy install, looks good. Company sales rep called me to confirm the order and ensure I ordered everything I needed. Delivery was quick, and product arrived in good shape. Installation could not be easier. Have only got part of the ceiling up so far, but it's been simple. Product has a much better appearance than other drop ceilings.”
“Great Purchase. Easy to install, very clean and excellently packed, not heavy at all to work with, quick shipping and delivery. Excellent product, easy to install, looks like a professional did the work.”
“Don't hesitate to order-AMAZING. I looked at installing the regular T-bar ceiling and found it to be quite a tedious job so I was about to hire it out when I came across this. I ordered just 1 64sq/ft package (in case I didn't like it or if it was harder to install than stated). I calculated that the cost difference would be about the same if I installed SnapClip vs hiring a contractor to install the regular t-bar. I wish I would have ordered more. It took me no more than 2 hours including prep, cutting and clean up to install by myself. It looks much nicer than the typical t-bar. I cannot say how much I love this product, why didn't anyone think of this sooner? I have a whole basement left to go and will be ordering a lot more. The company also called before shipping out just to make sure I didn't need to order more or if I had any questions, I had a couple and they even emailed me some pictures. Just to point out this system is not made to cover the duct work. SnapClip advises that you box them in with drywall.”
“Fantastic product. Super easy to install. Very easy to use and customer service at Snap Clip was beyond excellent when I had a few questions while installing.”
“Excellent Product. Easy to install looks great, very accomodating customer service from snap-clip. Excellent product, easy to install and remove in case you ever need to access the ceiling. Kesh at Snap-Clip has been awesome, best customer service I've ever had. I would recommend this product to anyone.”
“SnapClip Suspended Ceiling System. Looks great, easy to install. Looks great!. Contractor installed it, said it was easy to use and he liked the finished ceiling as well. While the box contains 64 sq ft, we required 3 boxes for about 120 sq ft, with a bit left over, but it would be nice to see these in 100 sq ft packages.”
“Amazing - Innovative - Decorative - Space Saving. Easy/quick to install with no special tools/skills. I wish I had an option of giving more than 5 star ratings for such a wonderful product.
Manufacturer's claim about "No experience Required", 'No skill requIred" "No fancy or special tools required" etc is 100% true. It is not marketing gimmicks. I installed over 1200 square feet of SnapClip tiles with a Manual screw driver (Yes manual screw driver because I don't know how to use power screw driver) and manual saw in 1 weekend. I called support desk just for some clarifications and the support I received was more than I expected. I am almost certain that you will never need any support for installation. Baisc instructions with pictures and thier 1 minute video on Youtube is all you need.
You loose only 1" inch of ceiling space. My friends saw our new basement in new house and they thought our basement has 9 feet ceiling instead of most common 8 feet which what we have. Even price wise it works out cheaper compare to traditional T-bar ceiling. If you are planning for a suspended ceiling for your next project anywhere in house, I would suggest you just go and buy this "SnapClip" ceiling and at the end you will be glade that you bought 'SnapClip".
Installing "SnapClip" is just few snaps.”
“Fantastic! Excellent product, looks great. Awesome product! Looks great, easy to install, great product for the price! It's a little more expensive than a regular T-bar ceiling, but you can do it yourself instead of paying someone for labor. Looks incredible, very pleased with this product, and have received dozens of compliments on it. Also, Kesh at Snapclip was super friendly and very helpful with solving small cutting issues.”