Frequently Asked Questions

What are the panels made of?
The panels are made of 1/8″ thick Fibrex
What are the mouldings made of?
The mouldings are made of MDF
Is the system fire rated?
The system has a 1 fire rating, Made for residential use.
These are system soundproof?
The system is not soundproof if you would like to add sound proofing you can do that before you install.
Can I add insulation?
Yes, you can add insulation, As long as it does not rest on the panels.
Is the system waterproof?
No, the system is not waterproof.
Can I install in a bathroom?
No, we do not recommend installing in a bathroom with a shower, the moisture will damage the tile and mouldings.
Can I add lighting?
Yes you can add lighting, As long as the lighting does not sit directly on the panels.
What kind of lights do you recommend?
We recommend light weight led lights. The lights need to be secured to the joist.
Can I install this myself?
Yes this is an easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) system.
What if my JOIST are not level?
You can install shims before you install the clips.
How do I request a sample?

Please click here to fill out our samples request form. Be sure to include your complete mailing address.

How do I deal with bulkheads?
You will need to frame and drywall any bulkheads before installing Snapclip.
How do I calculate how much I need?

Calculate your square footage and divide by the kit size to get your kit to requirements. For simplicity, you may also use our “Kit Calculator” located on our homepage.

Can I PAINT the mouldings or panels?
You cannot paint the mouldings or panels, It will warp and if you do it, it will nullify your warranty.
What if I run out of clips?
In some instances you can cut the clips and slides or you can contact us to order some more
How do I cut the panels?
Can you can score the panel with a utility knife and break up or you can cut with a jigsaw
How do I cut the mouldings?
Mouldings can be cut with a miter saw
Are the screws included in the package?
Screws are not included in the package. You will need to purchase them from your local hardware store
What kind of screws do I need?
For the J-mould on the perimeter you can use 1-1/2″ drywall screws and for the clips you can use 1 inch wood screws
Are the perimeter mouldings (J-mould) included in the package?
Yes, the perimeter mouldings are included in the package
Is the installation tool included in the package?
There is one installation tool for each kit box
How can I store the product if I am not going to install right away?
The product needs to be stored indoors, flat on the ground
My panels do not sit flat. What can I do?
If the panels do not sit flat it will take some time for it to climitize
Can I install in a garage?
We do not recommend installing in a garage unless it is heated
Can I install outdoors?
You cannot install outdoors
My rails are warped. What can I do?
It is important to leave expansion room on the rails. If the rails become warped it means they have expanded and they will need to be cut back. If this does not help please contact us and we will send you replacement rails.
I have some damage parts. What can I do?
Please contact us and we can send you replacements for the damaged parts. Please have your order number ready.
I am not sure how to install. Can you help?

There is a 10 minute installation video on our website that explains how to install. You can contact us if you have additional questions that are not covered in our FAQ.

What is the size of the panels?
The panels are 22 1/2 inches by 22 1/2 inches
Is there space for small wires and pipes?
There is 5/8 inch of space
How much space do I lose?
The install system is 1 1/8 inch from the bottom of the joist
Do you have any dark colors?
We do not have any dark colors at this time
I have sloped (vaulted) ceilings, can I install Snapclip?
We do not recommend it. The tiles and t-bars may fall
My walls or room is not quite square. Will your system work?
Yes, the perimeter moulding will take the shape of the wall. You may need to cut the panels and t-bars to suit the angles

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