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Suspended Basement Ceilings Regina. Ideal For Basement Ceilings

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Suspended Basement
Ceilings Regina

Installing a suspended ceiling in your home has never been easier thanks to the SnapClip system. SnapClip uses a special technology that makes the process of updating your ceiling super easy and fast.

Suspended Ceilings System for Basements

In just 3 simple steps, you can get a stunning ceiling that delivers not just in terms of style but also in functionality. SnapClip ceilings are perfect for low clearances. You can now turn your drop ceiling renovation into a DIY project that you can complete with no hassles.

Advantages of SnapClip

Wondering if a SnapClip installation will make sense or not? Here’s what you stand to gain if you install this innovative suspended ceiling system.

  • It’s super easy to install Installing a suspended ceiling in your basement is no longer a tormenting process, thanks to SnapClip. Unlike other systems in the market, SnapClip doesn’t require any specialized tools or experience to install. You can easily make this your next DIY project that involves no mess and no hassles.
  • Easily conceal flaws in your actual ceiling Is your existing ceiling stained, damaged or unsightly due to peeling paint, piping, and ductwork? SnapClip is the perfect solution to conceal all these flaws and give you a neat and clean ceiling. You don’t have to spend anything on painting or unnecessary repairs, just cover these flaws with our SnapClip ceiling. The best part is, the ceiling is easy to remove if you want to perform repair work or install new lighting in your home.
  • It’s stylish We know you need a ceiling that’s not only affordable and easy to install but also stylish. SnapClip is available in two different styles, which will effortlessly complement your modern interior design. You can now make your ceiling look good and stylish with no hassles.

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The 3-step installation process

SnapClip suspended ceiling has a simple 3-step installation method.

  • Step 1: First, you will need to measure your ceiling and get the right centre points. Using a drill, attach the metal tracks perpendicular to the ceiling joists.

  • Step 2: Snap on the clips. Make sure this is properly done because it will determine whether you have the perfect fit.

  • Step 3: Position the tiles and then slide and secure the clip.

It is important to follow all the installation instructions if you want a visually appealing ceiling. If you need any further assistance to install your SnapClip system, be sure to reach out to our team. We’re happy to assist you as you install this innovative drop ceiling in your home.

Components of SnapClip

The SnapClip system comes with several components that you will need during installation. These include J-mould, tiles, tracks, and T-bars. The SnapClip kits come in 20 sq. ft. and 64 sq. ft. packs. To determine the kit that is suitable for your project, you’ll first need to measure the size of your ceiling. This will guide you on the number of boxes of tiles needed for a complete installation. Need a SnapClip system in Regina, get in touch with us today and you can receive your order online. It’s that fast and easy.


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