Have you completed a basement renovation project recently or contemplating one? Generally, basements have few or no windows. They have few sources of natural light, and this makes them feel ‘cave-like.’ Though a well thought out renovation can make such a space feel better, absence of natural light or creative artificial light may make you stay away from your basement. Here are the top eight tips to brighten your basement.

1. Usher in the natural light

Your ability to bring in natural light will depend on the specific type of basement you own. Walk out basements are constructed inside of a hill on one side and have access to walk out of the basement into the land. You must incorporate windows in these types of basements for natural light.

If you own an underground basement on all sides, consider creating window wells at the ground level that can access the interior wall. The windows will let some light into the basement. For areas that lack access to direct natural light, it is wise to install lighting fixtures that can create focused and ambient light in the entire basement.

2. Use bright colours

Most basement renovations often look dark and drab, especially if beiges and grey colours are used. Give your basement walls an extra punch of colours that can make it brighter. Choose warmer hues of golds, oranges, yellows, and warm tones of browns. You can use these colours on furnishings, floors, area rug, and even wall décor. Using colours that make your basement feel warmer ensures that you and your loved ones can enjoy being in the basement.

3. Don’t ignore the ceiling

Often, basements have low or non-attractive basements due to the floor to ceiling height. It is recommended to paint the ceiling with a lighter colour compared to the adjacent walls. This will create a perfect illusion of height.

If your basement has less constrictive height, you can add a coffered ceiling or soffits to create visual interest. You can also usher in some natural light to make these features more appealing and make the entire basement more welcoming.

4. Get a little bit creative with the lighting

Some areas in your basement require creative lighting. Use recessed lighting, install direct lighting fixtures behind soffits, or use directional lighting on artwork. For most property owners, the ability to transform a basement into a warm, bright space is an objective behind every renovation project.

Every homeowner wants to have ample space for entertainment, home gym, or space that can be used as a media room. Regardless of how you intend to your basement, making sure that it is well lit is essential. You can consult with an experienced interior designer or residential lighting experts to create a good plan for your basement lighting project.

5. Choose wide open spaces

It is recommended to embrace an open floor plan in your basement. Even if there are no windows, the reality is that expanded wall spaces are likely to make the entire basement look bigger than it is. When possible, remove a wall or two (partitions) to create more extensive space. In addition to making your basement look bigger and bright, an open floor plan means you have wider space in your basement for your family and friends.

6. Hang mirrors on opposite windows

Mirrors provide an ultimate reflection of light for spaces of nearly all sizes. Hanging two or more mirrors opposite a window or on adjacent walls can significantly boost the amount of light coming in via the window. They can also make it easier for you to check how your hair is doing.

7. Rearrange furniture and declutter

Take a look at your basement and find a way of rearranging the pieces of furniture. Make sure that you are not blocking valuable sources of light with a sofa or even shelf. This may include the space directly in front of the basement windows and the specific area close to the sides. When possible, it is wise to avoid bulky dark pieces of furniture that tend to suck in light. You should also consider rearranging all the pieces of furniture in such a way that you can relax where there is the most light.

Making your basement clutter free is important, especially if there is no natural light. Consider keeping all surfaces clean and have ample storage space for all the items in the basement. It’s best if you can use closed storage to make the entire room look spacious and façade. For example, consider using a single cabinet instead of having several storage boxes.

You should also declutter the basement walls. Instead of having so many pictures hung on the walls, pick just a few striking pieces of art that can successfully draw the eye to a specific area. Place the right pieces of furniture in the center of the room rather than against the walls to make it look more spacious and well lit.

Basement floors can also be used as mirrors. Reflective, luminous hardwood can generate dynamic reflects of light in the entire room. This will create highlights and low lights required to amplify the natural light entering the room via windows. If you must use rugs, do so sparingly and opt for bright colours rather than dull ones. This will make the basement more welcoming and warm.


A basement renovation project should be an interesting process. Once complete, you and your loved ones should be in a position to reap the benefits. Note there are countless ways of ensuring that your basement has enough light. However, you need to understand the challenges you are facing before you choose a lighting solution.

Whenever possible, consider using natural light, incorporate creative artificial lighting, and use inspiring, warm tones in the basement. Upon completion, the entire space will turn into one of the most beautiful and welcoming spaces in your home. A good basement can be used for different purposes, such as entertainment.