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“SnapClip’s Suspended Ceiling System is the best we’ve seen and experienced in terms of price, quality and ease of installation”



Suspended Ceilings System That Is Easy To Install. Ideal For Basement Ceilings

50,000+ Satisfied Customers grace their ceilings with Snap Clip Do It Yourself Suspended Ceiling System


  • Kids Play Area
  • In-Law Suite
  • Man-Cave
  • Extended Living Space

Finish Your Basement Ceiling with SnapClip, an Easy & Affordable DIY Project.

Snapclip is a new and innovative suspended ceiling system unlike others available on the marketplace. It’s unique “snap & slide” clip system enables a fantastic solution an easy yet attractive finish to a basement ceiling. It is not, however, limited to use in the basement as a result of the flexible installation options.

The look of luxury without the high costs!

Why Snap Clip Suspended Ceiling System is Ideal for Basement Ceilings

SnapClip is a suspended ceiling system that uses an innovative concept to deliver simplicity and style. It has a simple design that can complement any interior décor and beautify the ceilings and walls of your home or commercial building in just 3 simple steps.

Suspended Ceilings System for Basements

Unlike other suspended ceiling systems in the market, SnapClip utilizes a unique “snap & slide” clip technology, which makes finishing the basement ceiling quick and easy. The best part is, this system is not just limited to basement ceilings. SnapClip is very flexible and can be installed in different areas such as the kid’s play area, man-cave, and extended living spaces. Whenever you need to add a touch of luxury to the ceiling without the high cost or complicated installation process, consider SnapClip.

As Seen on HGTV’s
“Custom Built – The Big Beam Kitchen”
featuring Paul Lafrance


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Advantages of SnapClip

It has a sleek design: It gives your ceiling a sleek, contemporary look without having to spend much. This system can complement all kinds of décor and interior designs.

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: If you want a ceiling transformation that causes minimal disruption and downtime, this is it. The overall project is completed fast and efficiently so you can start enjoying your beautiful ceiling in no time.

EASY ACCESS TO DUCTS/PIPES AND CABLES: The system can be used to hide unsightly structural and mechanical components exposed on the ceiling such as pipes, plumbing, and cables. You also get easy access to these elements because the panels can be removed when entry is needed and be neatly slid back in place once repairs are complete.

NO VISIBLE NAILS OR SCREWS: Any hardware on the ceiling will remain invisible once the installation of SnapClip is complete. This doesn’t compromise the strength or durability of the ceiling.

LOW MAINTENANCE: SnapClip is made of a material that is very easy to clean. Just wipe off dirt as you would on your kitchen cabinets.

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SnapClip Kits are available in 20 Sq.Ft. and 64 Sq.Ft packs, and available in Pure Flat White and Soft White

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3 Step Installation

The success of SnapClip lies in its quick and easy installation process.

  • Step 1: Measure your ceiling and determine the center points.
  • Step 2: Drill the clips to each joint using the innovative SnapClip tool. This is done to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Step 3: Just snap and slide.

Whether you’re installing a new ceiling or just updating an old one, this couldn’t be any easier. You need a few simple tools, no experience, and no mess. Anyone can install SnapClip as quickly and easily as possible.


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Your SnapClip system comes with several parts which will be used in the installation process. They include:

Tiles – J-mould – Rails – T-bars – Clips

You can easily calculate how much material you’ll need to purchase for your ceiling depending on its dimensions. For instance, if you have a 250 square ft ceiling, you’ll need about 5 boxes of tiles and 6 boxes of T-Bars for a complete installation.

Using the SnapClip suspended ceiling system, you can add beauty and character to your basement at a low price.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeremiah M
Jeremiah M
06:15 29 Jan 19
Installed 600 sq feet, easy to install once you get the hang of it, and I am very pleased with the finished look and the added height you get. Like the J mould, installed pot lights in ceiling and it looks great. Called customer service a couple times and they were very helpful. 100 times nicer than your typical drop ceiling! Brightens up a gloomy basement. Professional look, at a fraction of the cost. Rec'd plenty of compliments. Would highly recommend.
James Allan
James Allan
15:35 29 Jan 19
I had no problem with pot light or speaker installation. Love the final look. There are a few things that could be better, 1. Some of the cross T pieces did not seem quite long enough. 2. Some problems with outside corners. However, the final look is really good. I did my whole basement, theatre room, recreation area, bedroom & bathroom. Love how easy the installation is and how quickly it was delivered.
Steven Brooks
Steven Brooks
18:20 26 Jan 19
A fantastic product that has raised the ceiling height of my basement by 10 inches. After removing a dropped ceiling, we installed the Snap Clip system. The Snap Clip system still allows us to access the space in the ceiling as easily as a dropped ceiling, but it looks 10x better and gives you that much more ceiling height! It was easy to follow the instructions using the center line of the area. We also easily installed 10 potlights within the snap clip system and it looks wonderful - easy cuts to the boards! Great product, easy to install and it looks so polished and rich! Would definitely recommend this product!
Juan Archer
Juan Archer
16:45 27 Jan 19
I just had this installed. It looks way better than a typical suspended ceiling and it gives you a few inches more in ceiling height. People may not recognize it as a drop ceiling. But don't be fooled, this is not a DIY project for just anyone. I had 2 experienced carpenters who installed it who were surprised by the length of time it took to install and the extraordinary amount of planning and layout to ensure that the ceiling is level, tiles line up with fixtures and planning cuts that went into it before being able to start. While they haven't ever installed this product, they had installed plenty of drop ceilings prior.
Jeffrey Barkley
Jeffrey Barkley
00:19 29 Jan 19
This product is amazing! It goes up easily and fairly quickly. I finished my den in the basement which is 380 s.f. and everyone comments on the ceiling. The J bars around the parameter provide a finished look - no need for crown moulding. I will be buying this product again when the time comes to finish the rest of my basement 🙂

Product Resources

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Easy to follow guide to buy the right quantity of material.

Installation Guide

Get step by step written instructions for installing your snapclip ceiling.

Installation Video

Get step by step written instructions for installing your snapclip ceiling.

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